4 Things You Won't Find Successful People Doing

There is definitely a lot of talk floating around about how to be a successful person. Although many of us define success in different ways, I wanted to give you a different perspective on success driven individuals. With so many articles posted on what you must do to become a success - have you ever wondered about what  successful people "Don't"  do?  Here are four things that successful people don't find themselves doing: 

Constantly Bragging

Most successful people are humble creatures and rarely boast about their achievements.  Why?  Simple: Successful people are never satisfied with the status quo.  They are constantly improving their brand or learning new things.  A boastful person thinks they know everything whereas a humble person pursues greater knowledge to become more successful.

 Wasting Time

Today’s economy requires us to maximize our time, often with fewer resources.  People with the greatest success...

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10 Proven Ways to Reach your Goals by Working Smarter not Harder

When most people think about achieving goals they cringe a bit. Our society pushes a lot of negativity towards goal setting and how hard you need to work for something. But, this is an illusion. There are simple ways that we aren’t taught that enable us to work smarter and not harder. There are however, some thought transformation that has to take place first so you’re in the right headspace. Create a can-do attitude toward goals. Believe that it doesn’t have to be hard.

  • Become Aware and Think: One of the things you need to be aware of is what types of activities are wasting your time everyday. Make a list and be resolutely honest with yourself. The next thing to do is train yourself before performing any task or taking part in any activity to be conscious in that moment. Stop and think if you’re just wasting time or working efficiently towards your goals.
  • Prioritize the Work Towards your Goals: Make sure you list the work in order of efficiency....
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